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Alien Cosmic Expo Hits Toronto Newspapers

Toronto Star and Toronto Sun take bold steps towards 
UFO Disclosure
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The Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun have breached the restrictions imposed on media. Each has boldly reported on the UFO/ET Disclosure issue. It is now time for other media to respond.

Sufficient evidence was presented at the ALIEN COSMIC EXPO by Dr. Steven Greer, The Hon. Paul Hellyer and other speakers to provide media with the necessary and verifiable data and documentation to categorically prove government and military entities have been involved in a massive cover-up of the UFO/ET issue

All that remains is for media to examine this evidence and report on it to allow the public to decide how we move forward on exposing the biggest secret in history - we are not alone in the cosmos. 

This is not a government matter - it is our vestige of truth.

The over 1027 readers who have visited ZNN are encouraged to contact their own local media and government officials and challenge these entities to examine what we all know is true and more.

Be an activist...

ZNN Briefing Document:

Other Evidence:

Toronto [ZNN] Toronto’s two major media news outlets - The Toronto Star and The Toronto Sun have taken two bold strides in lifting the embargo among other Toronto media by covering the UFO/ET matter - issuing a challenge to other Canadian media to take the UFO matter seriously.

The Alien Cosmic Expo (ACE) hit on-line and print media with a flurry as both The Sun and The Star went farther in their coverage than just talking about UFOs.

In two separate articles - one by Star journalist Ben Rayner and reporter Jenny Yuen of the Toronto Sun (PostMedia), major issues were highlighted by the two journalists: new technologies and new energy sources (Zero Point Energy) that will eliminate the use of fossil fuels, engage new propulsion systems, reveal details about government secrecy and the strange phenomenon known as alien abductions. 

Each Toronto publication delved more deeply into evidence and documented proof the US government, NORAD, NASA, the CIA and other intelligence agencies have kept the UFO/ET issue under wraps for nearly seven decades. 

One lecturer, Dr. Steven M. Greer explained that The National Security Act of 1947 inaugurated under President Truman - just three months after the UFO crash near Roswell New Mexico in July ensured that the UFO matter would be tightly wrapped in secrecy and beyond Congressional oversight - until now.

"Some of the documents cited are actually Canadian,” said a spokesperson at the conference. Stanton Friedman renowned Canadian UFO researcher brought forward unimpeachable government documents proving government involvement. 

Victor Viggiani - News Director of the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork and moderator of the Toronto event summed it all up in his address, “We're not alone - never have been and the government knows it.”

Expert after expert including the former Canadian Minister of Defence The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer took to the stage to state their case that UFOs are real and they’re not from here and the government has been doing its best to keep this information from the public - at all costs.

The Expo - held at Toronto’s prestigious Crowne Plaza Hotel - attracted a daily audience of 350 from Friday June 23 to Sunday June 25. People from as far away as New Zealand, the UK, Washington State, Montreal, Indonesia, Calgary, Winnipeg and New York State heard 16 speakers elaborate on issues surrounding the paranormal and UFOs. 
One frustrated participant who wished to remain anonymous told ZNN, “Why isn’t CBC, CTV or Global News here? The media can only ignore this matter for so long - until it gets white-hot - then they’ll realize they’re behind the curve - chase sources and be forced to cover it. By the time that happens it might be too late - others will have beaten them to the finish-line."
Another attendee said, “We’re not 'saucer-heads’ - we’re serious people concerned about the fate of our planet and all the secrecy - time to get it out… simple as that."

For more details on the ACE conference use the contact information below for ZlandCommunications.

Toronto Star Ben Rayner
Toronto Sunday Sun Jenny Yuen
Web site: Alien Cosmic Expo

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